Mary Ann Powell

authorMary Ann was born and grew up in Washington, D.C. At a very young age, she  fell in love with horses. Given a pony by her father on her tenth birthday, she rode  ‘Princess’ all over Northeast D. C. Years later, after meeting her husband, they moved to a small farm in Maryland where they lived, raised, trained and schooled  horses for many years. She also spent twenty-eight of those years employed in the guidance department of a local high school. Upon retiring, she began writing stories about horses.

Horse Tales: The Three Champions:

Horse Tales is three separate stories great following the lives of different horses, their owners and the lives they effect. They are cute uplifting stories great for any horse enthusiast and children.

‘Kentucky Bred’ about a horse that that travels from the east coast to the west coast, leading a very adventurous life, even includes patrolling the streets of Washington D.C., as a Police Horse.

‘Whisper Of Seawind’ is a story about a young girl who raises a blind horse. One must read this story to find out why she feels she must raise Whisper. This story is very interesting and holds a beautiful conclusion.

‘Lots Of Little Horses’
This story is about a very popular breed of horses; ‘Miniature horses.’ They love people, especially children. They cannot be taller than 38 inches, and are very good show animals. The Staley family of Maryland, breeds, raises, trains and shows these little guys. Life with them is exciting, fun and interesting.