Horse Tales is out now!

  Looking for a children’s book for the animal lover?  Like horses and horse stories? Horse Tales: The Three Champions is comprised of three heart warming stories and the horses they follow. This is Native Ink’s first children’s book release. We are looking forward to hearing your responses and reviews on this book! You can […]

Project Keepsake is Now Out!

Native Ink Press is celebrating the release of their first book! Project Keepsake is now out for sale in both paperback and ebook format! If you are interested in writing your story for the next book in the Project Keepsake series check out : You can purchase Project Keepsake at: Amazon Barnes and Noble […]

Project Keepsake’s Upcoming Release

Native Ink Press is very excited to announce that on February 27th 2014, their first book is to be released. Author Amber Lanier Nagle’s Project Keepsake is a memoir non-fiction book based on the keepsakes we keep and why we hold on to them. This book will warm the hearts of anyone who has ever […]